Centre Au Grand Coeur

A rental facility for your retreats, workshops and programs, camps,

and gatherings of family & friends.


Ladysmith, Quebec,

75 km. from Ottawa

The Centre is on 565 acres of rolling hills, woods, fields, streams & ponds.

We honour the land and its cycles and strive to live in harmony with them.

We are a Vegetarian Facility

Our Centre resonates with groups and individuals that want to

connect with the earth, and be nourished by its beauty and wonders.

It's a place to listen to and speak from the heart;

a place to slow down, learn, create, laugh, celebrate, and grow.

Sometimes people come here seeking solitude,

to write, paint, study/read, enjoy our natural world,

or just to be present to every moment.

We've seen that when people gather in the beauty of this wilderness setting,

eat nourishing food, and form a caring community, wonderful things happen!

We look forward to welcoming you here.

Lenny and Arleen Prost